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The soul of Iseo lake

The Acqua di Montisola project was born with the intention of creating an olfactory memory of an enchanting territory and a unique island of its kind: the largest lake island in Europe and one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Create quality products to let you revive the dreaming atmosphere that remains in the heart of those who visit Lake Iseo. The goal is not only commercial, it also derives from the passion for "our" lake and the desire to promote it: a creative cue to talk and let people talking about our territory, to promote its natural, artistic and artisanal beauty.

The Inspiration
A serene, enchanted place where people move by scooter among the narrow and winding streets that go up its slopes and its coasts, where it seems to be catapulted to a few decades ago, when everything was simpler and more genuine.

Here start our journey, where we try to translate into our essences an emotion, a memory of Iseo lake, the fresh mountain air, the aroma of olive wood and the cool breeze blowing on its banks.

With great enthusiasm and extreme professionalism we create eau de parfum, room fragrances, candles, creams, soaps... Products which include the values of a land of ancient traditions, which narrate that all-Italian craftsmanship dedicated to the care of detail, which is synonymous of passion, refinement and innovation.

High quality level of raw material used, careful study of each processing phase, exclusivity of the essences that remind of perfumes, flowers and olfactory sensations experienced on the island: these are the requirements of our products, precious artifacts that contain the soul of Lake Iseo.

Because if there are million fragrances, the essences are unique and unmistakable and they bind us forever to that memory that still makes us smile or lose a heartbeat...